About Us

When you are looking for the ideal home what better place to start then a home built by our family for yours. Radcliff Homes, E-town Homes, Heartland Homes, and G and P Construction work closely together to ensure that the homes we build are of the highest quality and value. People seeking a builder with proven experience will have a hard time finding a more seasoned veteran in Central Kentucky than Ernie Burkhead with Radcliff Homes. Ernie Burkhead founded Radcliff Homes in 1971 and over the years as his own family has expanded, so have his business relationships. In 2005, he brought his grandson Michael Eades in the business, and in 2007 Ernie retired and turned the day to day operations of Radcliff Homes over to Michael. Michael is a third generation builder. Even though he retired, Ernie still devotes time to the building business. Big E, Inc. is another business established by Ernie Burkhead. E-Town Homes is run by Ernie’s son-in-law Mike Eades and daughter Gayla, Heartland Homes is run by son-in-law John Lanz and daughter Janet, and G and P Construction is the product of long time family friend Gene Straney who recently retired as well. Together these four companies work as a unit to maintain the highest standards and exceed client expectations.

For over 40 years we have been a leader in building new homes in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Hardin County. Our experience is our strongest asset. We make sure each home gets off to the right start. We use our own lift and backhoes to do the digging on each site and we put the footers in ourselves before bringing in the subcontractors. We all help one another on whatever project we’re on, so that our customers are getting the benefit. By continually being on-site we ensure the quality of work and when problems do arise, they are resolved quickly. No matter what or where we build we offer our buyers variety and choice. We use eight to 10 different plans in each of our subdivisions, and make variations in each house so that it best fits its individual lot.

Anyone who buys a home built by our family of companies:

  • Radcliff Homes
  • E-town Homes
  • Heartland Homes
  • G and P Construction
can rest assured that they are buying a home built on our commitment to quality and our dedication to family. To see one of our homes please contact your local realtor.